Services Offered
Land & Lot Clearing

Land Crushers Offers Central Texans clearing and removal of unwanted trees, vegetation, and underbrush. We can remove Cedars, Mesquite, and other trees and stums from your lot, land, or development.

Rock Grinding

We offer Rock Grinding or Milling in the Texas Hill Country. Our FAE rock crusher can take larger rocks, and grind them down into small pieces usually 1 inch or smaller. This will drastically transform even the rockiest lots into more useful properties. 

Forestry Mulching

Mulching is a fast and efficient way to eliminate underbrush, cedars, and other unwanted vegetation on your lot and land. Our Machine is fast and efficient in mulching up to one acre or more per day. Call or text us today for a free Estimate. 

Driveway Clearing

Are you looking to clear a spot for your driveway and install some gravel or road base? Land Crushers can help you install gravel, base, or prep by simply clearing the way. 

Fence Line and Right Of Way Clearing

We offer Fence line and Right Of way /Setback Clearing. Often times utilities, oil & gas companies, and other municipalities have right of way or easements they want to be clear.

Post Hole Drilling

Land Crushers utilizes a high-flow auger with specialized bits to drill post holes, H brace holes, and T-post holes in the dense rock located in the Texas Hill Country. 

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