Right-Of-Way Clearing and Maintenance

Easements or Right-of-way that require cleaning or regular maintenance for various types of utility infrastructure, such as fencelines, oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines, water lines, and power lines. The clearing services for these rights of way involve eliminating obstructions like trees, brush, weeds, and other obstacles. This process establishes a clear pathway for vehicles, equipment, utilities, and fence lines.

Rock Milling / Rock Crushing

Our rock milling, crushing, or grinding service, effectively pulverizes limestone, sandstone, and various other rocks commonly found in south Texas and the Hill Country. This procedure has the power to convert an impractical, rocky yard or lot into a magnificent area that is ideal for installing sod, zeroscape, or any other landscape design you envision. By utilizing this equipment, we can transform a space that was once unusable into an outdoor space that meets your desires and requirements.

Residential & Commercial Lot Clearing

Residential and commercial lot clearing is an essential process that involves the removal of trees, and any other vegetation. This task is crucial for both residential and commercial spaces to ensure safety, aesthetics, and functionality.  In the case of commercial lot clearing, the focus is on preparing the space for construction or development purposes. This may include removing trees, rocks, or other obstructions that could hinder the construction process. Clearing the lot also allows for better planning and utilization of the available space, ensuring maximum efficiency for businesses. 

Land Clearing/ Mulching

Our mulching land-clearing service is valuable for landowners. It involves mulching unwanted trees (Usually Ashe-Juniper/Cedar) or vegetation and spreading a layer of organic material, such as wood chips, to the soil surface. Adding a protective layer over the soil helps to regulate soil temperature, prevent erosion, and promote nutrient cycling.

Construction Site/Lot Prep

Offering clearing and preparing construction sites, ensuring a smooth and efficient process from start to finish. Our team of experts will clear away any obstacles such as trees, brush, and weeds, creating a clear site for building your home or commercial property. Trust us to prepare your construction site, turning your vision into reality.

Cedar Removal/Mulching

Our forestry mulchers are designed to shred and mulch cedar trees in their original location or piled if already removed. This innovative approach eliminates the need for burning, minimizes soil disruption, and eliminates hauling off the cleared trees. The benefits of this method are threefold: it increases efficiency by completing the land-clearing process faster, it is more cost-effective, and it is environmentally friendly. In summary, our skid-loader mulchers provide a faster, more economical, and eco-friendly solution for land clearing.

Counties we serve in Texas

We offer Land Clearing, Mulching, Cedar and Mesquite Removal, Rock Milling/Grinding, and more in the following counties. Click on the plus sign to see if your city is listed. If not please contact us to see if we serve your area. Call us today for a free no-obligation estimate!  

Client Testimonials

“We highly recommend Mike Cassel and his Land Crushers crew. He walked the property prior to beginning the work and was upfront and clear on what he could and couldn’t do. He was very thorough and professional in performing the job requested. He checked in frequently during the process to make sure we were happy. He definitely goes above and beyond and we definitely recommend hiring him. So long Cedar allergies.”

Anthony Y.

“Thank you Land Crushers for clearing out our lot. Here are some before and after pictures. Very professional and efficient. They also offer rock crushing. I would highly recommend their services for your land clearing projects.”

Julie B.

They are The Best. We are so grateful That you came so promptly After the storm when when we had at least 20 trees down. My property hasn’t looked this beautiful in years. Myself and my neighbors are forever grateful.

Sheree R

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